Download Soal MID SMP & SMA NCIPS & St. Peter


This offline test needed other requirement software. This software inform of RAR or ZIP, so firstly is make sure your laptop or notebook have been installed Winrar or Archieve. Secondly is you have to install a PDF reader like adobe reader. If you don’t have both software, you can get it from me freely by clicking in the following link.

1. Winrar

2. Adobe Reader

If you complete the steps above, now you may download the Test. You are not aloud to open the test. Keep on your heart just to learn from the Kisi – Kisi I have given to you. Good Luck!!!

Click the following link to download your test based on you class .

1. Soal Kelas VII NCIPS

2. Soal Kelas VII SPS

3. Soal Kelas VIII NCIPS

4. Soal Kelas VIII SPS

5. Soal Kelas X NCIPS

6. Soal Kelas X SPS

7. Soal Kelas XI NCIPS

8. Soal Kelas XI SPS


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